An Exclusive Packaging to enclose Beauty 20 August 2014 - 11:07
TagsSociale, ESE An Exclusive Packaging to enclose BeautyGreat satisfaction is a complex and fulfilling feeling that makes you feel pleased with yourself and with what you do everyday and at Dimensione Grafica we achieve this by doing research, suggesting special materials, realizing technical samples, designing new shapes and colours in order to make a refined, unique packaging for every customer.

Our tradition, which is strictly “Made in Italy”, comes together when we combine state-of-the-art technologies with a long-standing manufacturing experience. Our products stand out because of the quality of the handcrafted finishing that can only be achieved thanks to very much experienced hands. That is why our packaging creations are so unique, innovative and high quality.

Let’s distinguish ourselves!

At Dimensione Grafica we use production techniques that are prestigious and high quality. Our aims have always been to stand out from the crowd with a product of excellence and to design modern packaging by always doing research, suggesting innovative materials and being up-to-date with the rest of the world.

Who we are

Established in 1983 by two brothers Aldo and Nazzareno Antonelli, Dimensione Grafica has been operating in the lithographic, paper processing and digital print industry for over 30 years. The know-how and the professionalism have been transmitted over the years to the new generations and the company is now managed by the respective sons and daughters of Aldo and Nazzareno, that are currently holding the positions of administrative and managing directors.

For everyone at Dimensione Grafica clients are right at the heart of the whole process and we aim to satisfy them in the best possible way by providing a valid expert advice for the best possible tailor-made solution. The company offers a complete service, from graphic design and printing process to the final packing and delivery.

Dimensione Grafica is a family business that can fulfill large and valuable orders by supplying a customised service right to the final detail with no limitations to the exclusiveness. The absolute efficiency and professionalism are guaranteed by the fact that all the members of the Antonelli family oversee each of the main production areas, starting from the commercial department, the production office right through to the final packing and delivery of the single products.

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